The Seven Towers RC Club (STRCC) originally was originally located at Silkcrest Trail - (east of Little Road and south of US287) as early as 1987. We arrived at the name of 7 Towers because there was a nearby and abandoned radio (or repeating) station north of Treepoint (west of our field), which had 7 radio towers. Over the course of a year or so, we had a formal lease from the landowner (I believe it was a real estate developer plans were for a grocery store). We incorporated the club as a non-profit organization, and had a smooth, grass runway with very little improvements (not even a Port-A-Potty). By 1990, we had almost 100 members.

Currently the Seven Towers RC Club (STRCC) is a relativly small club with roughly 35 members. Most of the folks are very laid back and are in the hobby strictly for pleasure.

We are chartered with the Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and are governed under their guidelines as well as some of our own club rules. The AMA provides many services but the main benefit is the insurance. They provide the liability coverage for each member at a very affordable rate. The cost is about $58 per year. (That price includes a great monthly magazine) Our club rules mandate that each person must be a current (or have at least applied for) AMA membership before becoming a STRCC member. This greatly reduces the clubs insurance rates and allows us to lower our membership costs.

The annual membership for STRCC is $60 per year. Seniors 65 or greater are $40 per year. To join STRCC during the year, membership dues are prorated at $6 per remaining month. STRCC holds monthly meetings to share info & swap stories.
Seven Towers
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