Seven Towers Radio Control Club
Club Rules
• Current AMA (academy of Model Aeronautics) membership is a requirement for club membership and renewal.
• Observe the designated taxi, flying, and pit areas. Avoid standing on the runway and overflying the pit area
• Stand in the dsignated flying areas and maintain a 20 feet distance between pilots
• Keep low or high spped passes to the far side of the runway.
• Two-cycle engines of 0.10 cubic inches or more in displacement require and expansion muffler or muffled tuned-pipe
as a minimum for a noise reduction measure.
• Do not leave a running engine anattended.
• Don’t EVER turn on a transmitter at the field without having your appropriate frequency pin! When you’re ready to fly,
put your AMA card on the frequency board and pick up your frequency pin. After each flight, remove your card and
replace the pin.
• All transmitters must be on a legal frequency and display AMA channel identificaiton number.
• Obtain a frequency pin from the control board before operating your transmitter. Additional, call out your channel
number to let others know that you have that frequency.
• Do not fly over the pits or parking area.
• Announce your intentions to other fliers: “on the runway”, “landing”, “dead stick”, etc.
• All flyers should land and take off in the same direction, ie: into the wind
• Fuel must be recaptured. Do not fuel your plane and spill excess onto the ground.
• Engines may be started in the pit area and taxied out to the runway. Upon completion of the flight, engines shall be
shut-down at the line sperating the taxiways form the pit (the orange plastic fencing). Do not taxi back into the pit area.
• No member or his/her guest shall be permitted to fly during or after the consumption of any alcoholic beverage in any
quantity. Dangerous substances shall not be permitted on the field. Violation of this rule shall result in the termination
of club membership without refund of dues.
• The combination to the gate lock is changed periodically. All current members are provided the combination. When
entering C and D to Ramskill field, you can leave the gate open if it is open when you arrive. Otherwise, open the gate
with the combination and lock the gate behind you. On leaving, do the same. If it is late and there appears to be nobody
at the landfill, please lock the gate. Do not give out the padlock combination.
• Parents / owners are responsible for the conduct of children / pets
• You may bring guests to fly or watch. You must remain with them at the field. Flying guests must have their AMA card to
fly and are limited to 3 flying visits before having to become a STRCC member. A STRCC officer must be contacted
before a flying visitor is allowed to fly at the field. Rookie race guest participants have an exception to the 3 flying visit
• All trash brought out to the field must be taken with you. C and D has been very generous in allowing us to use their
land. Please keep the field looking nice!
• Any continuous or gross violation of the Safety Rules should be reported to the Safety Committee Chairman for
investigation and recommendation for follow-up action by the club officers.
• If, due to your negligence, you cause an accident then you are responsible for repair or replacement of any
damaged property.